Medicolegal terms and conditions

1 General

The following terms and conditions apply to the provision of personal injury expert witness work by Mr Bhupinder S Mann.

2 Charges

2.1 Preparing a written report including inspection of all pertinent medical records and correspondence ( excluding 2.2 below) is £200 per hour. Therefore the fee range for a typical personal injury case is anticipated to be between £400 – £1200.

2.2 Court attendance in my capacity as an expert witness: £1,250 per half day. If the case cancels within 21 working days of the scheduled trial date 50% of the fee is payable. If the case cancels within 7 working days of the scheduled trial date then the full fee is payable.

2.3 The instructing solicitors to fully reimburse the travel expenses for the expert witness. This includes first-class rail travel, business class air travel and car travel at £0.40 per mile.

2.4 If the instructing solicitors cancel their request for an expert witness report before completion an appropriate fee for reflection and administrative time will be charged.

2.5 The fee payable to the expert witness shall not be subject to reduction as a result of a detailed assessment of Court imposed limitation. It shall be the responsibility of the Instructing Solicitors:-

1.To ensure that the expert witness charges no higher than reasonably necessary

2.In legal aid cases, to obtain prior expert witness fee structure approval from the Legal Services Commission

3 Payment

Instructing Solicitors shall pay all sums due within 90 days of the date of the invoice although different terms can be agreed prior to instruction. If there is a delay in payment interest at three percent per annum above the base rate will be added to the due sum. The expert witness reserves the right at all times to require advance payment for the written report(s) prior to supplying the report(s) to the instructing solicitors.

4 Indemnity

It shall be the duty of the Instructing Solicitors, so far as possible:

4.1 When requested by the Expert Witness to obtain and provide the Expert Witness with all relevant medical records including X-rays and scans

4.2 To provide the expert witness with adequate instructions

4.3 To check the factual matter covered in the Expert witness report(s) and replies to any pre-trial questions are correct, appropriate and complete.

5 Single Joint Expert

If the Expert witness is instructed by two or more Instructing Solicitors Terms and Conditions shall apply subject to contrary agreement between the Instructing Solicitors and the Expert Witness. Each Instructing Solicitor will be jointly and severally liable for all the Expert Witness fees and expenses.