Bursal procedures

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Non-surgical options

Physiotherapy - focussing on functional core, gluteal activation and eccentric stretches
Injections - All injections are image guided
There are two types of injection commonly used in the clinic :-
1) steroid

2) platelet rich plasma

Surgical management is an absolute last resort and is reserved for complex recalcitrant cases.
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What is bursa removal surgery?

Bursa removal surgery is needed for the treatment of severe hip bursitis, in which the bursa is in an inflamed and painful state. Bursa removal surgery can reduce or eliminate pain completely and restore the hip to its normal function – as the hip is able to function normally without the bursa.

Bursa removal surgery can be performed by arthroscopic removal, requiring only a small incision in the area above the hip, and another through which an arthroscope or camera is placed so the surgeon can be guided in their movements when cutting out and removing the bursa.


What can I expect from the procedure?

Before entering the operating room you will discuss the procedure in detail with Mr Mann, who will answer questions you may have about the operation and reassure you regarding any concerns you may have. You will also meet an anaesthetist, who will discuss your mode of anaesthesia with you.

During the procedure, your surgeon will make an incision in the hip about a quarter of an inch – this allows a camera to be passed through.

Through another small incision, surgical instruments can enter to perform the task of removing the thickened bursa, and also to remove bone spurs, which have a tendency to form on the greater trochanter. Typically, you can return home to rest on the same day of the procedure, without having to stay in hospital overnight.


When is bursa removal surgery needed?

Surgery is considered a last resort if treatments such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injection, physical therapy, assistive devices, activity modification and physical therapy haven’t worked.

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What is the recovery time?

While assistive aids such crutches or a cane can be used in the days following a bursa removal surgery, the rehabilitation period is expected to be relatively short. You can expect some soreness for a few days but should be able to walk around within 24 hours of the surgery being performed.

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